Charles Clarence Knepfle's (CCK) family


Lillian (Groth) Knepfle & Charles George Knepfle (late 30's early 40's)


Lillian (Groth) Knepfle & Anna Fehlinger Knepfle (late 30's early 40's)


June (Groth) Maxwell & CCK - Charles George Knepfle & CCK (1946 Baptism)

Charles George Knepfle and Brother Bob with CCK

During my grade school (St. Dominic) years
I lived at 643 Roebling Rd.

Lillian and CCK ... Charles George and CCK (late 1940's)


June, Clarence McKinley Groth, Bill Maxwell,
CCK and Barry Maxwell (1950's on Roebling)


Chuck and his Grandma - Anna Fehlinger Knepfle (50's)


Clarence McKinley Groth (CCK's Grandpa)

Lillian grew up at 2616 Linden St.


June and Barry Maxwell with Charles George and CCK (late 1940's)


June (Groth) and Bill Maxwell (summer of 2004)


CCK teaching at Elder in the 1970's


CCK at the "Reds Kids Glove Game" ...
With: Frank Robinson, Gus Bell, and Birdie Tebetts

Crosley Field

My dad and I would go here to
have PB&J on toast with lettuce
and a Root Beer to drink.
What a special guy he was!!!